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Published: 01st April 2010
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How to design your own temporary tattoos

Well it looks like temporary tattoos are set to be the big thing this summer, what with Chanel launching the 'trompe les oeil' range featuring their logo's. But what if you want something a bit more personal to you that won't break the bank? Well I recently looked into creating my own tattoos and ordering personalised ones and was stunned by the results.

It looks like times have changed since the weak, dull cookie-cutter transfer tattoos of old (although it's mostly this old style with it's tired designs that seems to come up after a google search). Brand new technology makes it simple to make your own tattoos at home or order ultra detailed, realistic ones online. Perfect if you're going out, organising a party or want to try a tattoo before getting it done permanently. I fall into the latter category so set about experimenting before getting permanently inked.

To create your own temporary tattoo first you will need inkjet tattoo paper, I bought mine from Next you need to create your designs, I used photoshop but you can always cut, paste and type into Word. Next you print onto the special paper, apply an adhesive sheet (very carefully!!), scrub out any imperfections and then very carefully cut out your designs. To apply them you remove the adhesive film, place on a hair-free area of skin then thoroughly wet the backing paper. After 40 seconds you should be able to slide the backing paper away and hey presto, there's your tattoo! These home-made tattoos look far from perfect and appear more like a plastic sticker than a tattoo but they're cheap, easy to make and you can have anything you like!

Next I decided to take it to the professionals. There are only one or two who seem to be making the next generation of temporary tattoos, I chose as they were recommended by a friend (plus there doesn't appear to be anyone else offering a custom service!). They had loads of beautiful lace, chain and Chanel-esque designs, I felt a bit spoilt for choice. But it's my own design I was after so I simply put it on a word doc and emailed it to them. 2 days later it arrived in very trendy packaging. Immediately I could tell the difference between this and my home-made attempt. I followed the easy instructions and it went on really quickly, my god the colours!! The detail and realism was incredible, my friends were convinced it was real.

So buy them or make them yourself, I'm mid-twenties and wouldn't have even considered temporary tattoos before seeing the Chanel ones but I'm glad this trend has been revived as a more sophisticated and beautiful accessory for adults. And yes, before you ask I have since been tattooed for real, to be honest it's not nearly as much fun as the fake ones!

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